Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday Musings

Reclining Figure | Fernand Léger
It has been a long while since I have committed my thoughts to the internet. I have been jumping around like a mexican jumping bean from one fire to another. Trying to keep up with a sense of a life beyond the physical travails while managing the physical travails, while life plows on with disregard ... the thing about having a chronic condition is that life doesn't stop. Family's illnesses, or deaths keep going, other people's troubles happen. Those are the times when you realize that your health stuff sometimes has to take a back seat and that is such a challenge...more it has consequences. Not taking heed of your limitations does have ripple effects. And, therein lies the rub. It all ultimately comes down to balance...but for me the elusiveness of that is a challenge and a burden. I hope to find a way to bring the pieces together into a more cohesive whole! 

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