Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Meandering Thoughts on Polar Thinking and the Impact on Your Psyche: Sick or Not

Georgia O'Keeffe | Sky Above Clouds IV, 1965
I have been noticing how much I look at things in black and white. Good vs Bad, Nice vs Mean, Pretty vs Ugly, Rich vs Poor, Good Day vs Bad Day, Good Mood vs Bad Mood. and of course Healthy vs Sick.

When, I step back there is really is no such thing as duality. Rather, things are on a continuum. I have been thinking about how limiting dual thinking is. As opposed to being on a continuum like a Theramin, which allows a range of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.  Even on a bad day I can have a damm fine moment, and visa versa. I have to remember that.

And, at this point, even sick it doesn't have to be the only think that defines you, grabs hold of you. These are my ramblings of the moment....and the picture that matches....

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