Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The second guessing yourself game and the Havoc it creates

Finally, I am going to get a lightweight wheelchair. I cannot believe that I am so excited. But I am. Mostly because of the satisfaction that comes along with it.

I started battling for use of a wheelchair during my recovery over 3 weeks ago. That was when I was told, at the hospital by the discharge planner, that was a durable medical good that was not covered by insurance, along with the shower chair, raised toilet seat, and wheelchair cushion. This was after I spent a great deal of effort to determine what my policy covers. I even, in the hospital, spent hours highlighting the insurance document to show the discharge planners what was covered. Something that they never looked at. Something they pushed me back on. And, a discussion I crumbled on, and nearly gave up the fight, mostly, I just didn't push for what I really needed (a light weight wheelchair). I accepted the 2nd best option – any old wheelchair. And, that was not very good for any of us. So, since we got it I re-geared myself up to getting a light weight one. And, I have. And, it is covered.

So, what is the takeaway. Don't second guess yourself. Don't doubt yourself, especially when you know what your rights are (as I knew by my insurance company's medical policy bulletin covering durable medical goods). It is easier to doubt yourself when you are not feeling well, especially in the face of pressure and a system that seems to run on denial. I know I buckled. 

The good thing is that I regrouped, but it took 3 weeks longer to get what I should have gotten. Had I stood my ground I wouldn't have wasted the additional time (at least 8 hours in total) – day's wage – to get the right goods. So, next time I will stand my ground. 

I wonder if other people do this?  Maybe I am the only one, but I doubt that. HA!

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