Friday, January 20, 2017

#ACA and #Inauguration Day!

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On this auspicious day, Inauguration Day 2017, I joined the over twenty million folks out there who are covered by what is proverbially called #ObamaCare. I did so with great trepidation, but after much homework and a dose of fear, because who knows what our new government is going to do, I took the dive and joined 20 million other people who have medical coverage under the #ACA. They do say safety in numbers...

I could have waited until Cobra ran out at the end of May, but with the current cost increase of 33% to a nice tune of $2K and given our minimal income flow, after extensive financial calculations my husband and I took the leap. We will end up with a relatively decent medical plan alone for less than 1/2 the price of Cobra with zero deductible – yes 0. The downside it has a very high maximum out-of-pocket, something I frequently use when I have surgeries. So, with hope, we have a large part of those in the background, if not...then...the next plan up (the top tiered CA plan in our area) was still 33% cheaper than our Cobra and comparable to our current plan, even better in some ways.  The real hope is that I don’t have surgeries, nor do we have any traumatic medical events this year. I am trying to take this as a year of healing!

I also took the leap to join a movement of people because I figure I need to have skin in the game to take a stand and help support something I believe in – healthcare and insurance. And what better way than being one of those impacted.

I never thought I would be in the position of not having group healthcare. Since the onset of my medical, in 1994, I have had group healthcare coverage, through myself or in the last years, through my husband. It is the last great bastion of medical coverage, which is itself is getting tarnished. Over the last years, even group healthcare coverage has been hit hard with year over year cost increases (approx 25%) and lesser coverage. I have heard other horror stories. We have been fortunate. 

So, now on this day I will stand with the 20 million people out there dependent on #ObamaCare. Although imperfect (that’s another post altogether), it provides access to people who need healthcare at a wide range of costs, at least in California. And, I plan on being there with my friends, compatriots, and fellow patient advocates to stand up to the government and be apart of the problem and solution by having my #skininthegame because we are going to need all the help we can get! 

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