Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 6: Glass Half Full

I used to hate going through orthopedic surgery recoveries. And, I do this a lot...where several months are dedicated to simply getting back on my feet, and then more to get strong on my feet. This latest surgery was a complicated revision of my failed total hip arthroplasty that was done in 2009 and it is going take around 9+ months to  recover. I am currently on week 6 and hoping I can soon increase my weight bearing. We will find out next week after X-rays are reviewed. I am currently only toe touch weight bearing on my left leg. It is difficult to maneuver especially with the bulky brace

What I have learned is how to leverage the downtime and have a small catalog of the positives on being stuck in bed:e

#Advantages of being totally laid up.
  1. Get to sew those things that I been meaning to do (for the last year) but was too busy to do it.
  2. Get to do all that fun sedentary paperwork that I have been avoiding. 
  3. A lot of paper files are being jettisoned! 
  4. Less of a mess to clean up because I am not running around making a mess
  5. Get to go through all my medical paperwork that I have been avoiding
  6. When I don't feel well I care less about those niggly details that usually drive me batty
  7. Get to be introspective and think about the larger picture of life
  8. Get to clean up, clear out, and organize my apps on my IOS devices
  9. Time to pamper my cuticles
  10. Get time to read my magazines and books
  11. Get to get in touch with people I haven't had time to be in touch with

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