Thursday, February 4, 2016

My #PatientVacation is up

Yup, it's that time of year. Since I have been struggling with my ongoing orthopedic problems at the beginning of the year I play a game to see how long can I go without addressing them, meaning not see a doctor about it to examine other interventions other than maintenance activities, like physical therapy, or acupuncture, or medication. The length of time of this game usually doesn't last long.

Last year, although I had lots of medical appointments to address maintenance issues like mental health, dental, or allergy shots, which all started on January 2nd, I was able to avoid my ortho issues until April of 2015, and then a rainstorm of hell rained down on me, including multiple other  non ortho issues: eye problems (scratched corneas, benign eye tumor), allergic reactions to dental work, and shoulder problems. My year got sucked into the #chroniclife vortex of medical triage, which I have mostly documented following the massive hip revision that was supposed to be the gold prize of the year...#NOT. It has not been fun. It was one of the hardest years I have ever had, but I survived and hear to tell you the tale. :)

This year, I went into the early part of the year, knowing that the hip revision outcome has been, let's say, not as smooth as I would have liked. If someone were to ask me was this worth it,  I would not be able to say,  in good conscious, at this point it was...I do still have hope, and I have worked very hard this time around, following my PT instructions to the T and then some, but alas, the horrible cables holding my hip together are not feeling so good, and I have really bad hip joint pain that screams with any rotation of the hip joint. Something is pinching and poking in there. It's a misery, so, today is the day I start back to my quest to find some pain free living and function. I have emailed my doctor's in Chicago and my therapists in Colorado to start this process. #SHIT

I tell you....does that look comfortable to you? #Sigh If you a chronic patient living a #Chroniclife share your beginning of the year games, if you have any.  Thanks for reading

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