Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OT: Support your Local Dump

I have been needing to get some outdoor working cabinets. So, today I decided to take a trip to the Last Chance Mercantile shop at our local community dump. Instead I found a sea of 1970's vinyl and wood office furniture that could endure outdoor conditions. So, Larry and I purchased, for the sum of $20.00 a couch and two chairs. They are not the ultimate choice in furniture or style, but certainly worthwhile for the price and establishing an outdoor environment in our backyard. They are certainly weather proof.
It is amazing what people throw away. Every time I go there, I realize what a throw away society we are. I am fortunate that I do not find it objectionable to get some used item for a tenth or more of market value, that is not entirely perfect but can do the job, and requires elbow grease. Frankly, I find something very comfortable and charming about these finds. I have made many happy purchases at the dump including desks, countertops, lamp fixtures, vases, firewood, end tables, coffetables, decorative items etc....

So, here is a salute to community dumps. May they be all supported and fruitful as the one I am lucky enough to contribute to and gain from. It is humbling, exciting, and fun, but you can never expect exactly what you came for.

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FrankLivingFully said...

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