Friday, September 12, 2008

6 days Post OP -- Ok so now it is 7 days -- now it is 14

Well, this has been a long haul. It is hard to believe that just over 6 weeks ago, I/we were put in the position to make the decision to come back Vail for and unplanned surgery. This was quite a surprise for someone who nearly schedules their life around surgery. Sad but true. On the left is what the livingroom looks like in the morning after I "scrabble" out of bed to head to PT. It has turned into central recuperation station.
In synopsis, the shit hit the fan July 18th. 

So since then, we (Larry and I) have been grappling and scrambling with many complicated issues from setting up the house to be taken care of, along with Enzo, addressing changes in the kids visitation weekend, getting a house sitter, fixing the frigging leak in the pond, blah, blah blah, getting a gardener so that I don't loose the garden I started.  It was like being squeeze through a tiny hole that neither of us were small of enough to go through. But, thankfully, despite multiple hiccups we made it through and I am here 6+ days post op and doing fairly well.  

We literally left California, on August 18th, 1- not knowing if my disability payments would continue and 2- whether the surgery would be covered. (That was stressful). Thankfully point 1 was resolved, only because I was having surgery. Apparently one of my many doctors actually submitted a report stating I was capable of sitting continuously for 6 hours a day. And, to top it off, he charged me an arm and a leg ($800) for one office visit, of which he will not write off any amount. That is insult to injury. The insurance battle is one left for me to address once I am a bit more clear headed.  

We arrived in Vail nearly 2 weeks ago, Monday. I had four days to get the condo -- 2 + multiple loft bedroom and 2 bathroom condo together so that it was functional and less cluttered. One of the challenges of moving into a fairly high turnover unit is that there is chaos in the kitchen and furniture is packed in. Additionally, there were many other mechanical issues we needed to address so that we could have a dining table and chairs that would hold together -- for that we worked with Ellen Eaton, one of the owners of  Smith Eaton Real Estate who is on the ball and responsive. I would recommend her. And, since I am particular and need a certain feel to the environment I could not rest until things were workable, down to setting up a makeshift office space. We went to the Thrift shop, Walmart, and local consignment shops to setup house just so. And, we made it under the wire, when I got on my bike Friday morning to get to the hospital for surgery.  

Now, ten plus days later, any many physical therapy sessions later (2xs a day seven days a week). I am beginning to be more clear headed and able to do something other than be attached to machines all day long, which is currently mostly the case. 

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