Friday, August 1, 2008

The Highs and Lows

So the shit hit the fan, so to speak, and my life has gone into quite a spin. A very different spin than I was planning.

At the tail end of my visit in Vail, co, with the fabulous medical folks, it surfaced that I have a major problem in my right hip now. I always knew I would have to contend with it at some point, but I was not planning now, in front of other scheduled events, including my wedding, followed by my planned shoulder surgery. Alas, my fucking hip has trumped everything. It was a weird experience. I got our of bed one morning to discover that I had consistent pain in a new place. I even got confused between my right and left leg. It was really disorienting. After quick Xrays, followed my an MRI the same day, followed by a consult with Dr Philippon and Dr Ho (radiologist) Saturday morning it was made clear to me that I had to address the right hip sooner rather than later. Quelle Drag!!!

Because we are not wealthy and the weather starts getting burdensome starting at the end of Oct. we have come to the dear realization that we need to hit the road and get out there so that I can have one of three pending surgeries (unless something else crops up), possibly squeeze in two. This is fucked up! This avascular necrosis stuff is for the birds. As such, so I can maximize my time out there, we need to postpone our wedding, at the end of September, and pack our bags and leave in two weeks, so we can squeeze in a trip through the northern US, I have always wanted to go to Wyoming and Montana to the Grand Tetons and Yellostone. So, that be the plan.

On the semi backwards good news front, I was awarded SSI, and received retroactive pay. I cannot believe, given how notoriously difficult the system is in awarding disability, that I got this in 6 months. OMG. I have heard it often takes years! This is good news, but it does seem strange to be happy that I have been considered officially disabled, by our federal government, so that I can receive benes. At least that relieves some of my pressure, and that is a good thing, as Martha says. So, with that news, I am quite done with the harriedness of the last 3 weeks.

Now, we prepare to move on, figure out the next steps, and find the good things in a road trip through big sky country. I get to spend time in the Rockies (one of my favorite beautiful places), and hopefully bring Enzo.

So, there......bye for now

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