Friday, May 2, 2008

Where is House when you need him?

Have you ever had the feeling that you are just not happy with the care that you receive? Need a more supportive doctor? Or, a doctor that talks to you rather than at you?

Well that is where I am at. I am so tired. I am tired of not having proactive, intelligent medical team to help me navigate the increasingly complex world my body seems to choose to live in. I have lost control. I am along for the ride hoping for the best. And, trying to fight for the best.

On the orthopedic front, I have up to now felt fairly well taken care of by virtue of the team in Vail. With the separation from the team I fell so much more vulnerable. It frustrates me to no end.

Somewhere in my heart I believe that I should be able to surround myself with supportive, intelligent, and reasonably proactive care. Wow, what a concept. The fact that this is not happening is really maddening. As a result I need to actively pursue and ultimate go through a measured and controlled interview process for new doctors in those areas of care that I am particularly concerned about. I know it may sound egotistical, but, currently more times than not I feel like I could run around certain doctors methodological approach. i really want someone or someone's to take things off my shoulder. I feel increasingly burdened and a sense of no where to turn for a helping hand to lift me out of the morass of medical complications. Between the AVN, ON, osteonecrosis, avascular necrosis (whatever you call it) of the hips and knees, and the whole bladder/UTI, etc....I am sick of it.

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