Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hunting for Rabbits (or, is it doctors)

After my return and ultimately separation from the Vail clinic, I made a promise to myself to go through the diligent process of creating a network of doctors locally that can help me navigate my increasingly complex orthopedic situation.

The process has been an endurance race. I have had nearly 3 to 7 doctors appoints a week over the last 3 weeks. Two that I always have; allergy and chiropractic, sprinkled in with an alternative mental health maintenance appoint. The others have been to dealing with my ongoing UTI and attempt to establish a local orthopaedic solution.

The task turns out to be far larger (of course) than I originally suspected. Not only is there the physical aspect, but there is a largely mental and financial element to the process of, essentially, interviewing doctors. And, I am tuckered. So, I leave this piece for another entry.

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