Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekend Road Trips

On Saturday, my Uncle Misha, the Suduko warrior, and I took a lovely drive through Gore Pass, Hwy 134, North of Vail, Colorado to Kremling and through Silverthorn back to Vail. We saw some incredible fall colors. The intensity of the colors was overwhelming at times. The colors have changed so quickly. Essentially in three weeks the colors have gone from green to yellow. The weather has shifted from 70 degree days to 50 to high sixties, with 30 degree nights. One of the benefits of being here in Vail and spending the time detached from my normal life is that I am more inclined to explore new places, take day trips on weekends, and that is something very special. I really have had a chance to see some incredible new places, get a larger sense of American west history, and be in breathtaking beauty. like Independence Pass, between Aspen and Leadville.

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