Friday, September 28, 2007

An Ode to great Physical Therapists

I often wonder where I would be without my physical therapists. In many ways they are closer to the details of my case than my doctors. They are on the front lines everyday dealing with us patients, they are physically intimate (simply because they touch and feel your muscle spasms) and emotionally intimate, because they work with the patient daily, and see the daily fluctuations.

I have met many physical therapists, but, to this day, I really rely on the incredible team here in Vail. at the Howard Head clinic. Without them, I would be in far worse shape than I am. The group is prinicpally focuse on sports rehabilitation. So, they are not merely, getting you to the point of doing activities of daily living. The goals tend to be a bit more elevated -- functional rehabilitation.

When I am here in Vail, I do PT anywhere from twice daily, to daily, and currently 3 times a week (due to insurance limitations). My sessions last anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours. And, that is where, I say, the dedication to the patient comes in. Michael Wahoff, my primary PT is one of the best guys I know as a person and a PT. His dedication is inspiring, his troubleshooting skills are quite impressive, and, his interpersonal relationship with his patients are quite calming.

I count my blessings in this regard everyday.

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