Saturday, August 11, 2007

Les Surgeries Accouterments

When anyone has surgery there are several tools/accouterments that one needs; or is required to use/take, these include medicines, etc.... Below is a summary of the objects I have used and found useful for lower limb surgery.

I never expected that during my life I would be come an aficionado, fetishists, or expert about these things, but, alas it is an area of rare expertise. :-)

This is the leg machine. Affectionately known as CPM. Thankfully, this time, I only have to be in the CPM, running approx 6 to 8 hours a day, for 1week, as opposed to the usual 8 weeks. Yikes. We are also demonstrating the lovely, all season foot pumps. To be used whenever at rest (2 weeks post op surgery).

Additionally, most people who have ortho surgery need crutches. I highly recommend forearm crutches because they take pressure off the wrists.

After many years of trying many crutches I think these from are the best. They are light weight, ultra comfortable, have foam handles, great colors, and are very strong. And, they are under $100.00.

Another, very useful item for anyone who has lower limb surgery is the handy shower seat. It helps with control and comfort in the shower. Before I sit on in the shower, I run hot water over the seat so that I sit on something warm rather than chilly plastic. . These can be purchased at any Ace Hardware, in a pinch. Also, if money is an issue or you have time you can borrow one from a local medical non-profit, such as the local red-

Also I highly recommend these flexible ice packs.

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