Friday, September 14, 2012

Drugs and Lawsuits..that is the question

There are points in life that define you. Many years ago I was urged to file a lawsuit for my bone disease (osteonecrosis) that was due to medications (high dose Prednisone) for a misdiagnoses case of MS. Increasingly there are reports of lawsuits for precisely this condition. And, Drug manufactures are finally adding it one of the potential side affects. The statue of limitations for finding out the condition is two years. Too bad I missed that boat. And, I am the one holding the proverbial bag. It is an interesting thing to watch how drug impacts unfold. This is the advantage of age. This process has taken nearly 20years for me. First know cases of Steroid induced AVN was in 50s. 

I am particullarly reminded of the lifelong impacts of a particular drug. This is very similar to the thalidomide problem many folks : How many other stories are out there?

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