Monday, January 11, 2010

The Ten Point Plan of the Year:

As I started out this New Year and since I have been out of the work force for so long I am in the process of determining what to do next. For me to do that I need a plan. My challenge is how distracted I get. I have far too many interests but I seriously have to take into consideration the forces of practicality.

I want to create a conceptual map of where I want to spend my attention and make and effort to focus on those essential areas.

What I have discovered so far about my goals:
  1. Define a set of particular areas and stay focused w/in those areas. Do activities to support those activities
  2. Healthcare
    1. IT (patient support tools, EHR, social networking)
    2. Management (need a degree)
    3.  Ekosys:
      1. Build Site
      2. Design pots, terrariums, other uniqe arrangements, landscaping
    4. Define what you don't want:
      1. I don't want to return to the publishing world.
    5. Want to learn CPR and get CERT training
    6. Get active in local community activity
      • New Monterey neighborhood association
    7. Get a job
      • Network, blog, Twitter:  2 to 5 contacts a day
      • Blog more regularly on work related activities
    8. Get more personal balance in my 
      • Meditate
      • Track physical activity and ups and down everyday
    9. Get Stronger in bad joints
      • Add  1 to 2 more classes per week
      • Start hiking
    10. Plans for next home projects

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    Regina Holliday said...

    It sounds like you have your work cut out for you in 2010. Let me know if I can help anyway. I am really good at that volunteering more bit.... Meditation is not quite my cup of tea, but to each their own.

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