Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, how do we keep moving on.....

Recently I have been regularly lauded by people I know and meet, including medical professionals about my endurance and great attitude. It is awkward to be told about my positive attitude these days. This got me to wondering and thinking about my attitude. I certainly know that when I started this journey, in 1994, when I was orignally diagnoses with MS, that I did not have a great outlook on the world. I did a lot of flaying, crying, and self destructive acts in the face of being really sick. And, boy, that MS episode was a real nightmare. I got really sick from the steroid drip, which unknowingly at the time, caused the future long term nightmare I am "happily" living.

When I found out I had this crazy bone disease in 1997, I did plenty of flaying, crying, and more self destruction. 

Frankly, I have only gotten this far, in the end, because I seem to be quite stubborn, I had to take my life into my own hands, and I have a great support network of friends, family, and some key medical folks that have helped me along. I truly couldn't do it without that. Also, I have been fortunate to play certain cards rigth (certainly no easy task) to get the help I needed. That was in large part in the face of what most people thought was reasonable. How many people are willing to invest in their healthcare to the point of traveling back and forth to a remote destination (Vail Colorado) to seek treatment, especially without deep pockets? Thank you Mom and Dad! 

After 9 surgeries there I have lost tract how much time I have spent/lived there. The last two years I have spent over 8 months in the Rockies? And, made some many great friends in the process. 

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