Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back in Vail Again

It has been a while since I posted. I have had so many topics I have wanted to cover, but alas, life took over. So, I am writing this as I am sitting in the waiting room at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic waiting to see the doctors -- Dr Steadman and Dr Millet today. The doctors and physical therapists here are the best I have ever met. There is a level of consistency in the quality of treatment in all the different joint areas that I find unparalleled (and I have been searching, desperately to create that closer to home).

I have tried so hard to break the Steadman Hawkins clinic habit, but, I cannot seem to find doctors that 1- are willing to dialogue with me about the problems 2- are willing to think outside of the box, and 3- are willing to tread into non-standard treatment waters. (This is especially important when I am consistently challenged with perpetual joint issues -- first it was hips and knees, now we have added a problem shoulder and bilateral elbow problems. Christ, for a relatively healthy, strong, athletic person it seems very odd to be having all these joint problems. An additional component to the Vail cocktail (and sometimes the most important one) are the physical therapists that I have worked with. They are some of the most dedicated staff I have ever met. These are the staff of the Howard Head clinic in Vail. They focus on the patient, not on the clock. Sometimes I have had PT last for 5 hours and other times much less. Sometimes you have to wait, but I would rather wait for someone that is proactively trying to solve my physcial problem, rather than have an ontime appointment with someone who goes through a standard routine.

In the one session I had here today, they discovered a couple things about my knee mechanics, that no one ever thought of looking at. With scribbles on my knees, I stepped up and down on a platform while two therapists looked, measured, and tracked how I was mechanically functioning. In that process they were able to make modifications to my physical therapy program that have already made some differences in how I walk. I was once again duly impressed. (This is why I keep coming back).

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